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Bridget and John Sunset Engagement Photos at Brooklyn Bridge NYC

Bridget and John are literally the sweetest couple. Bridget has participated in our yearly Engagement Photoshoot Giveaway and she couldn't imagine she would be the winner! I contacted Bridget after she was chosen as a winner and she seen our message and didn't reply. "I thought it was fake" she said.

On the day of the photo shoot, the weather was extremely freezing, but that didn't stop Bridget and John from taking their pictures. Bridget wanted to take her photos on Brooklyn Bridge, and because of the freezing weather, the bridge was almost empty which is perfect for a photoshoot. Even though it was super cold, the sky was beautiful clear and around the sunset time the view from the bridge was breathtaking. At the end, it was worth it.

As a photographer, I work with a lot of couples and capture so many love stories, but the love energy between Bridget and John was the best ever. I forgot about the weather and time, and couldn't stop taking photos of them. I wanted to capture all the cute moments naturally while guiding them to capture a relaxing and natural photos of their story.

How They Met?

Bridget and John met in 2017 in Guatemala. They were both doing a summer internship with a ministry that leads mission trips for high school students. Bridget was the Team Leader and John was the construction manager, so they got to work together a lot to organize the trips and the construction projects for the students to work on.

By the second week, John told Bridget that he like her! But it took Bridget a little longer... "but not too long!" she said.

By the end of the summer they decided to try out long distance as Bridget was going back to college in North Carolina while John in Arkansas. After two and a half years of long distance, Bridget moved to Guatemala and then to Indiana after school. John was able to move up to Indiana with her.

Once COVID hit, they moved back to their family in Long Island. Bridget had always dreamed of being proposed to in front of Cinderella's Castle as she and her family go every year. "I got to bring John a couple years ago for his first time!" she said. John knew that she wanted that but she never thought he would ever do it as he's not as in love with Disney as Bridget does. "But I was wrong!" She said.

The Proposal!

On November 22, 2020, John woke Bridget up at 3 AM and told her to get ready for a day trip. They hopped in the car and he didn't tell her where they were going. By the time they pulled into the airport, Bridget had her suspicions, but he didn't let her see the boarding pass or even look at the gate screen so she couldn't see their destination.

As Soon as they were landing in Orlando and catching an Uber, Bridget knew the way to Disney so she could tell that was where they were heading. The Magic Kingdom was decorated for Christmas and the castle was as beautiful as ever. John led Bridget to the Guest Services where they met two Disney photographers he had hired for a private photo shoot. They went to the castle and they cleared the crowd from behind them. As they were taking photos, John knelt to one knee, told her all the reasons he wanted to be by her side forever, and proposed! In the meantime, a huge crowd had gathered around them and erupted in applause. It was everything Bridget has dreamt about. The icing on the cake was that John had secretly spent the last six months making Bridget's engagement ring. He has no jewelry making experience, but he taught himself through Youtube videos and created "The most stunning ring I could imagine" Bridget said. Everything about the day was perfect!

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Jabbar Huusain
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