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When I first met Ashley and Kevin a year and a half ago, it was for hiring me photograph their wedding day. I was very happy to hear back from Ashley and I couldn’t believe the good news when she told me they were expecting their first child and that she’d soon want to document the pregnancy. It’s always so important to document the important times in your life. To freeze them and capture them forever. Tangible memories you can always look back on!

Ashley wanted a maternity session during January while the weather is freezing outside. I suggested to do an indoor session so we don't have to worry about getting freezing out.

We setup a studio space in her house. It was very helpful that Ashley and Kevin were doing some renovation at their house and their furniture was pushed aside. Photographing Ashley and Kevin is like working with a professional models. We captured a lot of pictures and here are some of my favorites.

Makeup: Carolyn Fontela

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